Privitar Launches Modern Data Provisioning Platform

Data privacy leader Privitar has announced the launch of a new data provisioning platform that makes self-service data available safely, at scale, to data consumers.

The Privitar Data Provisioning Platform optimizes data utility via Privitar’s industry-leading data privacy capabilities and provides a new data exchange, compliance accelerators and dynamic patterns to enable safe data sharing.

At the core of the Privitar Data Provisioning Platform is a data exchange that offers end-users, including data consumers and data analysts, self-service access to protected datasets and safe sharing via public data marketplaces such as AWS and Snowflake.

It also integrates into data governance platforms and data catalogs like Collibra, and data intelligence platforms like BigID. The platform, a trusted foundation for DataOps ecosystems, leverages industry-leading privacy-enhancing technologies, governance and compliance capabilities to enable wide access to high-value data without compromising data safety.

The Privitar Data Provisioning Platform enables analysts and data scientists to find, understand and share useful datasets. The platform integrates with existing metadata sources and enables users to collaborate to refine content and request new data. Data protection is achieved through a comprehensive metadata layer that contextualizes datasets and drives automated privacy enforcement through a set of intuitive relationships based on a controlled vocabulary and governance standards.

By maximizing the utility of the data and expanding its safe access, the company says, organizations can improve insights to prevent financial crimes such as anti-money laundering, improve sales and marketing segmentation analysis, enhance research models through data sharing, enable cloud migration technologies and even launch data monetization initiatives.

The Privitar Data Provisioning Platform also features compliance accelerators to keep customers up-to date with best practices and evolving regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, GDPR and CPRA. The accelerators include content and workflows that leverage Privitar’s deep vertical expertise and its extensive global network with standards bodies, thought leaders and customers.

In addition, new dynamic consumption patterns, integrated with access control and coupled with Privitar’s existing privacy techniques, enable the creation of a single policy that can be deployed to support both static and dynamic provisioning patterns without requiring copies.