Plainsight, Google Cloud to Combine Generative AI, Computer Vision

Plainsight, a leader in proven vision AI, announced a collaboration with Google Cloud to bring better visibility and operational insights to enterprise customers with generative vision AI solutions.

By leveraging Google Cloud generative AI and large language model (LLM) capabilities, Plainsight is accelerating computer vision initiatives and providing businesses with acute operational awareness of spaces, activities,

Empowered by Plainsight’s vision AI platform and its end-to-end computer vision lifecycle management, enterprises can understand valuable patterns, trends and anomalies within complex processes and surrounding entire operations faster and with greater specificity. This LLM-accelerated operational awareness will enhance enterprise decision-making, drive productivity and enhance competitiveness.

For example, with LLM-infused computer vision for operational awareness, enterprises in industry ecosystems such as food and beverage production can obtain consistent high levels of safety, quality, compliance and reporting at speed with powerful vision AI models scaled across visual inspections, counts, measurements, product quality, traceability, security, and equipment monitoring.

Plainsight will demonstrate its solutions Aug. 29-31, at Google Cloud Next in the AI Innovation Pavillion at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Plainsight models support Google Cloud’s LLM and generative AI services with fully processed visual data that’s clean, organized, and accurate. With factory-like speed and quality, Plainsight’s platform produces precise insights for customers that inform quick, reliable decision making.

Built on Google Cloud, Plainsight’s vision AI platform is available via the Google Cloud Marketplace and integrates with an array of Google Cloud services and offers flexibility for customer deployment at the edge, in Google Cloud customers’ private tenant, or in Plainsight’s Google Cloud multi-tenant environment.

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