PacketFabric, Unitas Global Establish Strategic Alliance

PacketFabric, a provider of on-demand connectivity for the enterprise cloud core, has signed a strategic alliance agreement with Unitas Global. The partnership bolsters network bandwidth capacity, extends SDN to the edge and adds new cloud access points, with plans for extensive platform integration.

The alliance between the two Digital Alpha Advisors portfolio companies offers significant expansion opportunities for both. Together PacketFabric and Unitas Global create an edge-to-everywhere global software-defined network solution that helps enterprises fulfill their connectivity needs.

The companies plan to expand and overlay PoPs to the other’s locations and gain expanded market reach. Network interconnections at more than 100 shared PoPs globally will drive further platform integration, simplifying on-demand connectivity to cloud infrastructures and optimizing data movement.

Unitas Global will point demand from enterprises at PacketFabric’s middle mile and cloud connectivity services via its trademarked automated design and pricing platform, Unitas Nexus.

In addition, PacketFabric will expand customer connectivity options through its on-demand portal with Unitas Reach connectivity services including last-mile access to more than 50 million enterprise locations and high-performance internet service.

The PacketFabric and Unitas Global platforms create a Network-as-a-Service offering leveraging a combination of:

  • The PacketFabric NaaS platform, including a 50T-plus backbone network providing Layer 2 and Layer 3 services, supporting data center, hybrid cloud and multi-cloud connectivity at multi-100Gbps speeds with full path and hardware redundancy across hundreds of data centers, backed by a five-nines carrier-class service level agreement.
  • Unitas Reach, an intelligent, software-defined network fabric with strategic interconnections to hundreds of other networks and fiber access providers extends the network access to the edge, including more than 900 carrier-neutral data centers and 50 million enterprise locations in more than 160 countries.
  • Unitas Nexus, an automated software platform dedicated to connecting enterprise edge locations to the cloud everywhere. Unitas Nexus provides visibility into available global connectivity options with a single, streamlined view, solving the challenge of designing and buying connectivity.
  • The PacketFabric self-service portal and REST API enable real-time provisioning of high-speed interconnectivity and flexible, usage-based consumption and billing.

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