PacketFabric Joins Google Cloud Marketplace

PacketFabric has joined Google Cloud Marketplace as a Technology Partner, providing organizations the ability to connect multi-cloud environments up to multiple 100Gs for data migration and to automate direct connectivity between private cloud colocation and cloud providers on PacketFabric’s 65-plus TB private network.

“Organizations require both agility and flexibility in how they connect to their most mission-critical applications in the cloud. We are thrilled to be working with Google Cloud to provide these solutions with a superior user experience,” said Michael Glickman, chief of business development for PacketFabric.

To achieve the milestone, SADA, a Google Cloud partner and a five-time Google Cloud Sales Partner of the Year, was engaged for the end-to-end process to list PacketFabric’s Cloud Router offering on Google Cloud Marketplace through its Marketplace Integration Services practice. PacketFabric is also a member of SADA’s SaaS Alliance Program, which provides go-to-market strategy and resources for B2B SaaS ISV companies built on Google Cloud.”

With PacketFabric, a provider of on-demand connectivity for the enterprise cloud core, joining Google Cloud Marketplace, enterprises will have access to a self-service Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) platform built on a global carrier-class, private optical network that allows businesses to create, manage and deploy complete multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, and custom network connectivity solutions just like any cloud resource. Enterprises can transform their digital operations with PacketFabric Cloud Router to link cloud to cloud for data migration in minutes. Key features include:

  • Private and secure connectivity between cloud providers. The PacketFabric Cloud Router provides Layer 2 and Layer 3 connectivity over PacketFabric’s Network-as-a-Service platform, allowing customers to completely bypass the public internet.
  • Optimized, low latency service. In addition to bypassing the public internet, the Cloud Router transports data across the best path through the PacketFabric network platform. By automatically distributing routing instances, that traffic will never need to take a longer path through a fixed central location resulting in highly optimized cloud-to-cloud data transfers.
  • Turn up network – Fast! Cloud-native with no hardware requirements. PacketFabric’s Cloud Routers do not require a physical interface or cross-connect into the PacketFabric platform, meaning you do not need on-premises equipment in a colocation facility.
  • Additional transparency and control. Enterprise users control traffic among different cloud providers as well as different regions on the same cloud provider, with full visibility into traffic statistics.
  • A dynamic hybrid and multi-cloud architecture. Use the PacketFabric API or PacketFabric Terraform Provider to automate direct connectivity between private cloud in colocation and cloud providers.
  • Migration Cost Savings. Using the PacketFabric network when moving data to Google Cloud reduces egress charges.
  • Short, flexible contract terms to match cloud consumption patterns. PacketFabric services run on a carrier-class, global fiber optic network with hourly, monthly, and up to 36 monthly billing terms.

To learn more about PacketFabric’s network or to request a demo, click here.