Omdia Study Highlights Employee Productivity in Hybrid, Mobile Work

Results from a new OmdiaFuture of Work study has found that as work styles diversify, 57 percent of HR and IT leaders report that employee satisfaction at work has improved. The study also shows employees are less satisfied at work when a return to the office is mandated.

The research further reveals, that nearly 50 percent of employees permanently will work in a hybrid or fully mobile fashion going forward. Businesses also looking for better support from their digital technology vendor and service provider partners with 76 percent of businesses reconsidering their existing digital supplier relationships.

Most businesses agree that hybrid work presents diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) benefits. Specifically:

  • 69 percent agree that hybrid working enables employees with different accessibility needs to pursue more opportunities
  • 67 percent agree that it allows employees to eliminate location barriers
  • 63 percent agree that it makes employees feel connected within a cohesive team
  • 61 percent agree that it allows employees to feel less marginalized
  • 59 percent agree that it helps to close recruitment gender gaps.

Capabilities organizations seek when selecting partners to support their workplace transformation goals are a focus on improving environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) practices (28 percent); partners who outsource services they plan to use such as IT service desk, HR and customer service (27 percent); and a digital platform that improves how they seek support from partners (26 percent).

“More diverse work styles have impacted employee productivity, satisfaction and customer experience. And businesses need the help of digital partners, processes and technologies in navigating successful future of work initiatives,” said Adam Holtby, Omdia Principal Analyst, Mobile Workspace and author of the Future of Work report. “Our research assists solution providers and technology professionals to better understand how they can support clients’ digital workplace challenges and transformation priorities.”

The Future of Work report gathers data and insights on the key workplace transformation priorities and challenges businesses are experiencing and is available via subscription here.

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