NinjaOne Releases Ninja Ticketing, Expands Unified IT Operations Platform

Ninja Ticketing has exited beta and entered general availability, giving NinjaOne partners a flexible, easy-to-use ticking solution built specifically for IT workflows. Since debuting in September, NinjaOne has more than 350 customers using Ninja Ticketing as their primary service desk software.

Ninja Ticketing has received updates throughout the open beta period and its recent 5.3.1 platform update introduced improvements that allow for greater cross-platform interaction between ticketing and other NinjaOne solutions.

Ninja Ticketing is like air traffic control for IT helpdesk teams, ensuring employee requests and IT team tasks are tracked, prioritized and solved efficiently. Ninja Ticketing is built to be flexible so it can customize NinjaOne to fit your agent workflows.

NinjaOne’s agent workspace includes customizable ticket forms, related item mapping, a robust WYSIWYG public and private response field and a feed of all ticket-related activities. Quick response templates, easy ticketing splitting and merging, and one-click ticket actions make responding to common ticket requests quick and easy.

By sharing a unified data model with and by being integrated into the NinjaOne platform, Ninja Ticketing provides IT teams with a major efficiency advantage over other ticketing solutions. In NinjaOne, tickets can be automatically or manually mapped to:

  • Users
  • Managed organizations
  • Locations
  • Devices

Over the next several releases, Ninja Ticketing will see  major updates, including:

  • The ability to assign endpoints to an asset owner for better ticket/user mapping.
  • The ability to create custom ticket statuses
  • SMTP support for emails
  • And more …

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