AwareGO’s Human Risk Assessment Available for Channel Partners

Human cyber risk and awareness company AwareGO announced its Human Risk Assessment is available to channel partners worldwide. The product — which was created by cybersecurity experts, behavioral scientists, and interaction designers — provides continuous observation of top human cyberattack vectors.

The product identifies vulnerable departments and roles, as well as offers insights for creating informed security strategies for companies that strengthen their overall cyber defense and reduce cybersecurity risks.

“The human risk factor is the most critical part of cybercrime prevention. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked or tackled with ineffective methods. Our platform is the first complete solution for identifying and mitigating cybersecurity risk factors across the full breadth of human attack vectors. Our product is designed to integrate with phishing simulation, attack surface management, SIEM, MSSP and LMS platforms. This enables our current and future cybersecurity service provider partners to expand their services and tap into a much larger market.” said Ari Jonsson, CEO of AwareGO. “Our solution offers a new way for companies to address the role of empoloyees in cybersecurity; an important element given that 85 percent of successful breaches are due to human errors. Doing so is critical for companies to reduce their cybersecurity risk significantly.”

Multiple industry leaders have partnered with AwareGO and are delivering training content through their own platform or using AwareGO’s platform as their own.

AwareGO’s Human Risk Assessment allows companies to measure employees’ knowledge and behavior across recognized threat vectors, including phishing, remote work and passwords. By using Human Risk Assessment, organizations can educate their employees better while reducing their cybersecurity risks.

AwareGO Human Risk Assessment is now available for partnering. To learn more, visit