NetSapiens Disrupts UCaaS Status Quo as Fastest-Growing Platform in North America

NetSapiens, a B2B provider of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) and Contact Center solutions to service providers, announced it is spotlighted in Frost & Sullivan’s UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) report as the third-party platform vendor with the fastest growth rate in the North American market.

“NetSapiens has decisively carved a space for itself on the leaderboard of the UC&C arena. With a disruptive pricing model based on sessions not seats and more than 18 years of innovation honing its offerings, NetSapiens has achieved distinction as a top-tier vendor,” stated Anand Buch, co-founder and CEO of NetSapiens. “I am very proud that we are now ranked No. 4 by UCaaS seats in the North American market. Even more profound is this achievement’s clear accentuation of the pioneering NetSapiens model, built from an enduring core of market attentiveness and preemptive innovation. The market for UC&C is now telling a new story: Disruptive platform providers are challenging the status quo on behalf of a new era of business.”

With a portfolio of cloud-native solutions, including its flagship SNAPsolution platform, NetSapiens is redefining intuitive, flexible service consumability in a rapidly evolving cloud communications space. NetSapiens’ divergence from the crowd is driven by an understanding that, if a service is truly disruptive and reaches the core of what users are looking for, it doesn’t need to be hidden behind exorbitant expenses, unnecessary add-ons or cumbersome, complex delivery models to generate value.

In essence: If a UC&C provider is giving the people what they want — or even better, what they may not even know they need — then growth trajectories, market share and positive outcomes fall into place. NetSapiens’ rise proves its inceptive assertion: Service providers don’t need complex solutions for complex problems. They need a partner that listens, understands and makes what is difficult seem easy.

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