Microsoft Aims Teams Rooms Features at Hybrid Work

Microsoft will release a list of Teams Rooms features next month that will bridge the gap between conference room and remote meeting participants.

Chat visibility, additional presentation capabilities and an update to the meeting roster have been added to the list of features Microsoft plans to release.

One feature will allow conference room participants see chat messages in on the screen, allowing employees to see all the conversations taking place during a meeting.

Providing greater visibility for chat during video conferences should help companies accommodate all meeting participants.

Teams Rooms will support PowerPoint Live’s Presenter mode, which will allow speakers to choose how to display their presentations to their audiences. With reporter mode the slideshow is displayed over the presenter’s shoulder. With this update, Teams Rooms attendees will be able to view the slideshow in various Presenter mode layouts.

Microsoft also is making the Teams Rooms meeting roster more like the desktop version. Using an in-room console controller, office-based participants will be able to view attendees by group, bring people with raised hands to the top of the roster and ask others to join the meeting.