Keepit Marks World Backup Day

With World Backup Day approaching this Friday, Keepit, a leader in cloud backup and recovery, encourages businesses to prioritize backing up Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory (AD) and offers free demonstrations and a free trial of its full data protection solution for Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

Keepit is an independent, vendor-neutral cloud dedicated to software-as-a-service (SaaS) data protection with a blockchain-verified solution, and its protection for Azure AD helps businesses back up and recover critical identity and application objects that are not protected by Microsoft.

“Azure AD is the brain to the Microsoft 365 body. It’s the control plane that allows access, gives orders, and makes sure 365 runs well via policies and configurations,” said Paul Robichaux, senior director of product management. “Loss of access to Azure AD can result from a variety of mishaps: bad actors hacking your Azure AD and locking you out, or an authorized user deleting a policy or admin accounts.

“If users can’t use their identities because their identities can’t get authorized in Azure AD, they are not able to access their Microsoft 365 applications,” Robichaux continued. “If users can’t access anything, they can’t work, which grinds operations to a halt while the issue is addressed. Backing up Azure AD ensures that businesses still have access to everything in the event of a calamity.”

As a prime target for hackers, Azure AD sees 50 million password attacks per day, which amounted to attacks on almost 10 percent of the 550 million Azure AD users in 2022. According to Microsoft, Azure AD accounts are also 50 times more likely to be compromised than consumer Microsoft accounts.

With the introduction of cloud computing, the edge of a network no longer exists, and the latest hacker techniques rely on compromising identity first. Consequently, information technology (IT) security has focused on protecting identities rather than the network itself.

When Azure AD is compromised, ramifications include:

  • The cost of data loss – loss of business continuity, reputation, and resources on recovery
  • The scope of data loss – 14 percent of businesses that pay ransom to recoup data from hackers actually get the data back
  • Downtime – on the average, initial (often incomplete) restoration of Azure AD can take two to three days; full restoration can take months.

With its ease of use, fast restore features that minimize downtime, and cost-effectiveness, Keepit is a solution that organizations rely on to protect their cloud-based data. To participate in a free demonstration and trial of Keepit’s Backup and Recovery for Azure AD, visit