Join GlocalMe at Running Remote Conference 2021

With more businesses working remotely across the globe, GlocalMe, a product and service brand of UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC., is enabling teams to get through remote work challenges at this year’s Running Remote Conference 2021. Taking place Friday, GlocalMe® will be the official global portable Wi-Fi Sponsor of the event, lead a panel discussion, and exhibit its next-generation mobile products and services at its virtual booth.

As the world’s largest remote work conference, Running Remote events are designed to teach attendees next-level, actionable strategies and tactics to manage and grow remote teams. The conference has taken place since 2018 and welcomes more than 2,500 online attendees and 62 speakers from 60 countries, including executives from Pixar,, Twitter and Miro.

GlocalMe’s management team will be participating in the panel session “The Role Of The Hybrid Office For Connection And Cohesion” at 3:20 p.m. (EDT) alongside professionals from Pixar Animation Studios, McAfee, Digital Workplace Group and Okta. Remote work professionals are invited to attend the panel session, network with senior decision-makers, and explore more workplace transformation insights free of charge at

During the hour-long discussion, panelists will explore how a mixture of remote and in-person collaboration can drive a more inclusive and thriving associate community for the long term. GlocalMe will also host a product demonstration directly after the panel at, where it will showcase its array of portable mobile Wi-Fi hotspots and services.

A fast-growing high-tech enterprise, GlocalMe empowers workforces to enjoy seamless network connectivity anywhere, anytime on any device. The company leverages uCloudlink’s patented CloudSIM technology in its portable mobile hotspots to intelligently allocate network resources in real-time and allow end-users to access the best-quality connection on available operators.

GlocalMe has released several new products that are suitable for remote teams, such as DuoTurbo, a dual-modem mobile Wi-Fi hotspot that guarantees speed and security for business professionals; TriForce, a durable and versatile mobile Wi-Fi solution for those who are frequently on the road; and FirstG, an inexpensive and flexible solution that enables users to enjoy a seamless Internet experience using a traditional SIM card. These products join the company’s existing mainline offering, which includes the roaming-free WorldPhone, SIMBOX multi-SIM management device and global data services.

More than a global Wi-Fi hotspot brand, GlocalMe provides partners and users with innovative connectivity, cross-border IoT and more. Using CloudSIM technology, GlocalMe enables companies to connect devices across borders and service providers, including industrial routers, PDAs, tablets, digital signage, video surveillance devices and more. Its devices also empower remote teams to stay connected in the fields of cross-border trade, cold chain storage, and logistics control, and the company boasts a diverse array of cooperation models for partners, ranging from portable Wi-Fi hotspot rental to enterprise data services.