IGEL, VMware Simplify Secure Access to Windows 365 Cloud PC

IGEL, a provider of the managed endpoint operating system for secure access to any digital workspace, announced from VMware Explore Europe that it natively supports VMware Horizon Cloud for Windows 365 Cloud PC.

As an Advanced Tier member of the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program, IGEL has collaborated with VMware in validating the integration of IGEL OS with VMware Horizon Cloud to deliver a high-performance user experience when using Windows 365 Cloud PC.

Available in IGEL OS, users who deploy this purpose-built endpoint operating system for VMware Horizon Cloud workspaces to access Windows 365 Cloud PC will experience an immersive, high-definition experience that supports advanced unified communication, graphics and advanced multimedia applications. It also supports seamlessly IGEL-enabled unified management and control, security as well as cost efficiency while benefitting end-users with a rich Windows experience from the cloud.

For more information on the value of using IGEL and VMware together, visit: https://www.igel.com/vmware.