IGEL, LG Improve Digital Experience for Kaleida Health

Kaleida Health, a health care provider in Western New York, was looking to modernize the digital experience for its clinicians and back-office support staff. Aging and inconsistent desktop hardware and evolving Windows OS support requirements taxed the organization’s internal IT resources. Further, the desire to standardize on Citrix VDI for on-site and remote workers meant the organization needed to identify software and hardware solutions that would support simple and secure access to cloud workspaces.

Kaleida Health evaluated all the major thin client OS vendors.

“We determined IGEL to be the leader for multiple reasons. IGEL is hardware agnostic, stable and has a small footprint based on Linux OS. Next, IGEL offers a great management platform, the IGEL UMS, for both on-site users and remote access,” said Kevin Conable, director, IT Infrastructure, Kaleida Health.

“We selected LG thin client monitors early on because the All-in-One form factor supports both back- office teams and more importantly, clinical areas including WoW carts,” he added. “We also liked the idea that LG thin clients let our medical professionals securely log in and access information and resources from one, protected data center.”

The health care organization’s experience with IGEL and LG has been good, according to Conable. “Overall, the endpoints have been very stable and provide a tremendous opportunity to standardize our employees’ digital experience with the multiple vendors and the Windows OS issues we face today,” he continued.

The health care organization also reports that by using the automated management capabilities of IGEL OS, time spent patching and updating Windows OS has been reduced. This has improved efficiency, productivity and security, and freed up internal resources to focus on more strategic projects and initiatives.

The deployment of IGEL and LG began with clinical users, and the plan is to extend it to the entire organization. Currently, Kaleida has approximately 300 LG endpoints powered by IGEL OS in its hospitals and clinics, with about 50 of those endpoints being used remotely to access cloud workspaces. Kaleida plans to acquire an additional 1,500 IGEL OS licenses and LG endpoints.

LG AIOs have been verified for IGEL OS through the IGEL Ready program. IGEL Ready is an ecosystem of cutting-edge hardware, software and peripheral solutions that have been verified for use with IGEL OS to deliver a powerful, productive, and secure user experience. You can view the LG partner profile in the IGEL Ready Showcase.

LG’s AIO thin client solution (model 24CK550N), a 23.8-inch model with full HD resolution, IPS panels and a dual-core processor, is an ideal workstation for demanding health care environments. This thin client model offers the healthcare professionals at Kaleida exceptional performance and cloud-ready connectivity for virtually any environment they’re working in.