IGEL Disaster Recovery Program Provides Rapid Response to Cyber Attacks

IGEL, a provider of a managed endpoint operating system to digital workspaces, introduces today the IGEL Disaster Recovery Program. Through this program, organizations can regain control of malware-affected devices quickly to mitigate the impact of an attack and restore end-user productivity.

“The global acceleration of hybrid work has created a perfect storm for opportunistic cybercriminals, and earlier this year the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency reported that it was aware of ransomware incidents against 14 of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors which include health care, financial services and government agencies,” said Matthias Haas, Chief Technology Officer, IGEL. “Given the reality of the current situation, it is imperative that organizations be prepared for not if, but when a cyberattack will occur. The IGEL Disaster Recovery Program provides a simple, effective, and secure way to restore end-user productivity in the shortest amount of time possible, following a ransomware or other cybersecurity incident. This is just one example of how IGEL is transforming the way the world works by creating better outcomes for people, organizations, and our planet.”

Through the IGEL Disaster Recovery Program, IT organizations can provide end-users with secure and managed access to business-critical applications, data and desktops from any device, anywhere. This includes endpoints that may be affected by a cyberattack, within minutes of the attack.

Since IGEL OS is read-only and tamper-proof, modular to minimize its attack surface, and includes the “chain of trust” to ensure endpoint system integrity, it serves as an ideal endpoint OS for protecting end-user devices from malware.

The UD Pocket with IGEL OS enables that same level of endpoint security to run on an infected endpoint since it boots independently from USB to ensure business continuity during/after a security breach.

Through IGEL’s program, an IT Administrator can deploy and control the IGEL OS-powered devices from a single console with the IGEL Universal Management Suite (UMS). The IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) feature, available with IGEL OS and the IGEL UD Pocket, extends the management console reach by creating a secure, encrypted connection to each remote user device, without VPNs.

Along with the IGEL UD Pocket to boot IGEL OS and remote management, the IGEL Disaster Recovery Program offers access to expert resources to help speed deployment. These include:

  • A Premier Technical Relationship Manager who understands the business and helps the organization leverage the IGEL UD Pocket, UMS and ICG in their environment to regain control of endpoint devices.
  • IGEL Academy offers focused, self-paced eLearning programs to equip IT admins with the know-how to leverage the full capabilities of IGEL OS and the UMS management console.

Learn more about the IGEL Disaster Recovery Program, and how to purchase this bundled solution, visit https://www.igel.com/disaster-recovery/.