Cognitive Elevates Remote Work Visibility for Net Zero Initiatives

While corporate sustainability teams may have been aware of remote work’s impact on the carbon footprint, it wasn’t a significant factor in emissions reporting, until now. Only 8 percent of the global workforce permanently worked from home before the pandemic.

By incorporating the Verum Remote Work Index across the business, companies can evaluate impacts on their overall carbon footprint reduction goals and cost savings goals – both the cost of employment as well as real estate costs.

The RWI can inform and direct a company’s workplace strategy and feed all the data into the environmental social responsibility and governance (ESG) reporting process.

“Companies should be responsible and keep track of remote work impact on Net Zero attainment, and take the proper actions to reduce carbon emissions,” said James C. Waddell, EVP at Cognitive Corp. “Utilizing the Verum Remote Work Index, companies can now have visibility into the impact their remote and hybrid workforce has on net zero attainments.”

Verum Consulting’s CEO Vik Bangia added, “For years, corporations struggled to demonstrate the significant value they bring to their company’s bottom line. Verum’s Remote Work Index [VRWI] is designed to translate a company’s remote and hybrid workplace initiatives into meaningful metrics for inclusion in their ESG reporting and net zero metrics. Cognitive’s, data-driven approach provides insights to quantify and report this data across the enterprise and get buy-in at the individual employee level while utilizing VRWI to support their net zero goals.”

Programs for minimizing carbon footprint must be adapted to a scenario in which employees’ remote work locations become an extension of the office. This will require a high engagement from companies and systemic thinking to implement optimized innovations.

The benefits of the cognitive net zero approach with the VRWI include:

  • Enterprise ability to quantify the level of remote flexibility inherent to every role in the organization.
    • Align remote work with corporate ESG goals and reporting
    • Surface insights on hybrid workplace impact on carbon footprint reduction
    • Socialize metrics and visibility into DEI impacts
  • Using CWX crypto tokens as an added incentive to reward employees for making socially responsible choices related to ESG.
  • PMO optimizations to improve core execution of net zero programs.

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