Hybrid Work Environments Make for Best Practices in Workplace Wellness

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies worldwide to strike a balance between continuing business operations and keeping employees safe. Health Enhancement Systems (HES), a workplace wellness campaign industry leader since 1994, is suited well to help companies make this transition.

HES has curated more than a dozen workplace wellness campaigns tailored to the needs of different workplaces and workers. These programs operate most effectively when implemented in a hybrid work environment.

Workplace wellness campaigns that HES designs are positioned for implementation in the workplace and remote setting. The company understands that every employee’s work-from-home setup is different, and people have an array of workplace technology and resources at their disposal. HES designs its campaigns to include desktop and mobile options that operate seamlessly and include the same features and benefits, allowing employees to take advantage of the program wherever they are.

HES also understands that teamwork is essential to cultivate and foster, especially when it is difficult for colleagues to see each other in person due to a hybrid work environment. Each campaign includes a team feature to foster teamwork and enhance camaraderie. While participating as a team member is optional, those who take advantage of the feature generally experience a 12 percent higher success rate than those who go it alone.

Employees who have participated in HES campaigns report high levels of satisfaction and increased levels of self-confidence, self-improvement and contentment with their workplace.

HES recognizes the most difficult part of trying anything new is taking the leap of faith to get started, which can be more comfortable and less intimidating with the help of a friend or colleague. All campaigns include a buddy feature that allows individuals to invite friends to join them on their workplace wellness journey. Participants that attempt a HES campaign with one or more friends are 23 percent more successful than those without buddies in the campaign.

To keep participants motivated and provide them with support and motivation, all HES campaigns feature an interactive, moderated message board for employees to receive and give support, allowing them to immerse themselves in the campaign. Each message board’s moderator drives the conversation, emphasizing tips to ensure participants feel connected and helping enhance emotional and social health.

HES also keeps participants motivated by implementing free household member participation through 2021, allowing family members to take part in the campaigns. With employees physically separated from their coworkers, family members can provide support and accountability.