HumanFirst, Google Cloud to Amplify Data Productivity

HumanFirst, a low-code data productivity suite, announced today an alliance with Google Cloud to aid enterprises in transforming unstructured text-based data into actionable insights and robust artificial intelligence applications.

HumanFirst is designed as a collaborative platform to assist teams in data experimentation, the discovery of insights, as well as AI and prompt performance testing within a flexible playground environment.

The collaboration with Google Cloud elevates this experience: leveraging integrations with Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI), Dialogflow, BigQuery, and Vertex AI, businesses can interpret real-time data, create datasets for BI dashboards, and improve custom natural language understanding (NLU)- and large language model (LLM)-powered applications.

HumanFirst will be available on Google Cloud Marketplace. Google customers using HumanFirst can request early access to features, including its prompt engineering feature’ for testing LLM responses and custom prompts. This tool enhances trust in the model by reducing unexpected or generic outputs, fostering predictability and reliability in AI, which will be available to the public during the fourth quarter.

For more information, reach out to your Google sales representative or the HumanFirst team. Learn more at