Aerospike’s’ Graph Database Becomes Available in Google Marketplace

Aerospike Inc., releases today its graph database on Google Cloud and Google Marketplace.

Aerospike Graph delivers millisecond multi-hop graph queries at extreme throughput across billions of vertices and trillions of connections. Benchmarks show a throughput of more than 100,000 queries per second with sub-5ms latency — on a fraction of the infrastructure.

Aerospike enables developers on Google Cloud to write applications with existing Gremlin queries. This applies to Aerospike Graph for AdTech, Customer 360, fraud detection and prevention, and other use cases that must operate at scale in real-time.

“Companies moving more connected data and mission-critical workloads to Google Cloud require solutions that can scale and perform with large graph data sets,” said Subbu Iyer, CEO of Aerospike. “Through our collaboration with Google Cloud, Aerospike has delivered a high-performance graph database that makes it easy to go from start to scale.”

Aerospike Graph can scale compute and storage, enabling enterprises to pay only for the infrastructure required. Additional management benefits and cost savings come from Aerospike’s total cost of ownership, which shows that at the highest levels of scale, Aerospike requires up to 80 percent less infrastructure than traditional NoSQL, document or graph databases.

The Aerospike Database handles diverse workloads across the four most popular NoSQL data models — key value, document, graph and SQL — in a single real-time data platform.

Aerospike’s approach simplifies data management and delivers efficient querying of data sets across data models while handling mixed workloads from gigabyte to petabyte scale — in the core and at the edge.

The Aerospike Graph is available through Google Cloud Marketplace. Organizations can use their committed spend and Google Marketplace credits to purchase Aerospike Graph.

Organization can try Aerospike Graph and transform their data landscape.

To learn more, dive into our product page and webinar.