Happy Companies Adds People, Coaching Platform to Assist Remote Collaboration, Productivity

Happy Companies introduced the Happy people and coaching platform. This proprietary software is designed to accelerate organizational performance and enhance management and leadership effectiveness, especially across geographically dispersed workforces. The SaaS-based solution helps leaders, HR managers and employees spark workplace culture improvement and unlock the potential of teams.

Happy leverages social media-like features, combined with technology and behavioral science to create a “How-To” guide for employees and managers to access personalized coaching, powered by generative AI and reviewed and curated by experienced leadership coaches. Happy’s Coach engine then uses proprietary algorithms to automatically suggest coaching and insights to people who frequently work together.

“Our vision for Happy is simple – to improve how teams collaborate and help people understand each other inside an accessible and modern online platform. The research is clear: when people are engaged and feel a genuine connection with their team, they do their best work and companies accelerate performance,” said James Lawrence, co-founder of Happy Companies. “Unlike traditional solutions that primarily offer coaching and consulting for senior leadership, Happy aims to use technology to democratize access to individualized coaching and insights for everyone at work.”

The Happy platform consists of four elements:

  • Happy Profiles: Serve as a user manual for every member of the team.
  • NxtGen Assessment: Science-powered DISC behavioral assessment based on EQ research.
  • Happy Workstyles: Unlock tools and insights on how to work with coworkers more effectively through improved understanding and collaboration.
  • Happy Coach: Confidential, personalized guidance to cultivate communication, leadership skills and self-improvement.

In development for over a year, Happy has been successfully tested with pilot customers and is now available. Organizations can now sign up and subscribe to experience the power of Happy. Happy’s solution can be easily deployed across organizations and teams and is optimized for on-site, hybrid and remote environments to address today’s common workplace dynamics.

Planned Q1 2024 platform updates include integrations with communication tools already used within most companies, including Microsoft Teams, Slack and Google Calendar, for seamless delivery of confidential and personalized coaching tips to team members in real-time.

For more information, to schedule a demonstration or access a free trial, click here. Download assets here.