Future of Work is Remote, Freelance, Voices Report Finds

The way businesses view remote work and freelancing is changing in a positive way, Voices has found through research for its 2022 Annual Trends Report.

With audio branding becoming crucial in a time when audiences are craving more genuine connection via audio-first experiences, brands are recognizing the strengths in remote and hybrid workforces, working with freelancers, and prioritizing the way they look and sound.

The 2022 Annual Trends Report marks the 11th edition of Voices’ end-of-year reporting, assembled using insights provided by surveys and internal data to identify and predict trends heading into the New Year.

“2022 will be about incorporating what we’ve learned over the past two years, such as being quick to adapt to change and learning to work and play safely. Now that we’ve settled into the new remote and hybrid work environment, brands are looking for ways to both stay connected, and also do so authentically, even if that means being less than perfectly polished,” ssid David Ciccarelli, founder and CEO of Voices. “Now, more than ever, it’s critical for brands to consider what they sound like as audiences step away from the screen and embrace more listening experiences. It’s time to consider audio branding as a core component of any successful marketing strategy going into 2022.”

More than 1,100 respondents shared the ways in which the working world has shifted considering the COVID-19 pandemic and how they plan to approach business in the future. Survey data underscored those traditional areas of concern when it comes to remote work — collaboration, creativity and productivity — are unchanged or improved in the majority of cases when compared to onsite work. More brands also are working with creative freelancers, with Voices seeing a 22 percent increase in voice over for internet video projects compared to 2021.

The combination of survey feedback and internal data highlighted four notable trends:

  • Remote work is here to stay — More than 90 percent of respondents confirmed they will permanently offer remote work opportunities, compared to last year’s 52 percent.
  • Freelance talent is on the rise — Voices saw an increase of 245 percent in talent sign ups on its marketplace in 2021.
  • The benefits of hiring freelancers are clear — 31 percent of respondents are hiring creative freelance talent once per week or more than 50 times per year.
  • Audio presents new opportunities for authentic marketing — More than 50 percent of respondents are hiring freelance voice actors to assist with voice over needs, creative projects and brand sound.

For the full 2022 Annual Trends Report, visit: www.voices.com/company/press/reports/2022-annual-trends-report. For more insights into the world of creative freelancing and working with freelancers, visit Voices at: www.voices.com/hire