Fibery Launches Generative AI Assistant

Fibery, a work and knowledge hub for startups, launches today its Fibery AI Assistant that integrates Open AI’s GPT-3 API into the Fibery platform automating time-consuming tasks and eliminating the need for external tools to help users brainstorm ideas, improve their writing and experiment with their work process.

The Fibery AI Assistant enables users to harness generative AIautomate tasks, automagically create custom workspaces and co-create content. Specific features include:

  • Users can use the AI Space Generation feature to create a customized Fibery space by entering a short prompt describing their required domain. The AI Assistant generates a new space in minutes that includes databases pre-set with basic fields and relations, sample data, basic views and more. This allows users to bypass manually creating a space or modifying existing templates.
  • The Text AI Assistant allows users to interact with the AI Assistant while they work within rich text and documents. Users can run pre-existing commands, type a quick prompt or create and save their own private and/or shared commands to have the assistant improve writing, generate content, summarize and explain text and more. Users also can customize and play around with the ‘temperature’ of their commands to control the predictability or creativity level of the results.
  • The AI in Automations feature enables users to automate tedious and repetitive tasks within the Fibery platform, eliminating the need for secondary tools. The feature works within text, number, and rich edit fields where users can use pre-set automation rules and buttons, to direct the AI to perform various tasks, such as extracting and sorting data, translating text, and creating automatic summaries of meetings, emails, and calls, and more.

Fibery’s work and knowledge hub consolidates a host of productivity tools into a single, connected platform, to make information discovery and sharing easier while increasing the probability and quality of insights that teams can glean from it.

The Fibery platform provides teams with the building blocks necessary to create a personalized workspace tailored to their changing needs. Serving as the center of a company’s workflow, Fibery transforms how startups understand problems, collaborate and come up with solutions, while cutting technology costs and breaking down knowledge and information silos.

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