Cybersixgill Launches Global MSSP Partner Program

Cybersixgill, a global cyber threat intelligence data provider, has introduced its global managed security service provider (MSSP) program, featuring dedicated experts and a products to help MSSP partners.

Cybersixgill’s MSSP program aims to help MSPs overcome challenges stemming from a growing threat landscape and an increasing security skills shortage through custom threat intelligence services. The company’s cyber threat intelligence (CTI) solutions are designed to accelerate time-to-intelligence, optimize workflows, and deliver overall active defense to its MSSP partners, protecting the brands and critical assets of service providers’ clients while helping increase MSSPs’ profit margins.

“As the cyber threat landscape rapidly expands, MSSPs face growing pressure from their customers to deliver superior, proactive security to protect them from cyber-attacks. While CTI can be a powerful weapon in these efforts, many such solutions offer limited visibility and context into a client’s attack surface, forcing MSSPs to be reactive to threats and exposures,” said Eric Krauss, vice president of Worldwide Channels for Cybersixgill. “Roughly one-third of our customers are MSSPs. As such, we have a deep understanding of their business needs and offer customized dashboards and other features to help them reduce risk, improve security operations efficiencies, and strengthen the competitive advantage for their clients through our one-of-a-kind services and solutions.”

Cybersixgill’s MSSP partner program is available to MSPs throughout North America, EMEA, Asia-Pacific, and parts of Latin America. The company offers a range of services and solutions, customizable for MSSPs and their customers, including:

  • Multi-tenant portal – Advanced multi-tenant SaaS investigative portal with Google-like search, filtering capabilities, and complete data separation between customers in a single deployment, with role-based execution and visibility, giving MSSPs a streamlined view of all individual clients and the ability to prioritize customers’ threats at scale.
  • Accurate, prioritized, and contextual alerts – Customizable automated alerts substantially reduce false positives, response time, and number of attacks, minimizing alert fatigue, accelerating time-to-intel, and optimizing workflows.
  • Easy case management – Segment investigations, facilitate cross-team collaboration, and prioritize resource allocation, task prioritization, and security controls across multiple clients.
  • Cybersixgill IQ generative AI – Delivering finished intelligence in a matter of seconds. Using AI to automatically, dynamically, and on the fly generate refined and finished intelligence customized to each client’s unique industry, geography, user persona, and use cases.
  • Access to Cybersixgill’s Elite Services – Such as takedowns, dark web purchases, and HUMINT investigations for an end-to-end threat exposure management process, from detection to remediation.

Cybersixgill delivers MSSP-specific features and capabilities with complete data separation between customers in a single deployment. Additionally, the partner program offers a range of benefits to MSSPs, such as:

  • Individualized access to Cybersixgill’s experts who work hand-in-hand with partners to ensure their clients gain measurable business value.
  • An ability to identify and prioritize urgent threats facing each customer’s attack surface while scaling security operations to address leaked credentials and stealer logs, ransomware groups, malware intelligence and more.
  • Reduced operating costs stemming from the need for fewer analysts to handle complex tasks.

More information about Cybersixgill’s new MSSP partner program is available here.