CybeReady Adds Smishing Simulations to its Cybersecurity Learning Platform

CybeReady, which offers autonomous cybersecurity learning solutions, integrated smishing simulations and learning capabilities into its Cybersecurity Learning platform. This update extends proactive response to increasing instances of SMS text message-based phishing (smishing) attacks that can target unsupervised, remote work staff.

Smishing is a cunning cyber threat that exploits text message reliance, tricking individuals into revealing sensitive information. Often, the message appears to come from a trusted sender or reputable source, creating urgency by asserting the need for immediate action.

CybeReady’s Smishing Simulations & Learning solution offers a cutting-edge addition to its managed security employee learning suite. Aimed at empowering cybersecurity leaders to foster cultural and behavioral change without dedicated IT resources, the solution provides employee learning solutions to assist unsupervised individuals with:

  • Risk assessment.
  • Simulations, educational content and best practices.
  • Program administration.
  • Smishing campaign management.
  • Affordable deployment.

Smishing Simulations & Learning utilizes adaptive methodologies and ML algorithms to offer personalized, engaging experiences that are tailored to unique employee needs and learning patterns. The solution includes interactive content – including simulations – and concise educational materials such as Security Bites, which cover various cybersecurity topics.

“With smishing gaining traction in recent years, employees must be made ready to raise a defense,” said CybeReady CEO, Mike Polatsek. “CybeReady’s comprehensive suite of smishing simulations and learning allow enterprises to remain one step ahead of these troublesome cyber threats.”