CybeReady Adds QR Code Phishing Simulations to Enhance Security Awareness Training

CybeReady, which provides security awareness training, announced the integration of QR Code Phishing Simulations within its Phishing Simulations and Training solution. The addition comes in response to the rising trend of “Quishing,” or QR code-based phishing attacks, a sophisticated attack increasingly employed by cybercriminals.

Quishing involves manipulating a person into scanning a QR code using a mobile device. This then opens a web page on the person’s phone and takes them to a fraudulent site that typically downloads malware or extracts sensitive information. The email itself will imitate a trusted sender, such as a bank or a reputable e-commerce platform, establishing urgency by claiming a situation requires immediate attention.

CybeReady’s new QR Code Phishing Simulator mimics real-world phishing scenarios that involve QR codes. Unlike a real-life phishing attack, these simulations utilize QR codes that, when scanned by employees, redirect them to an educational page. This page is meticulously crafted to enlighten the employee about the telltale signs of QR code phishing, enhancing their ability to spot and thwart such attacks.

Key capabilities of the QR Phishing Simulation feature include:

  • Realistic QR Code Scenarios: Simulates various types of QR code phishing attacks to provide realistic training experiences.
  • Instant Feedback and Education: Directs employees to useful training information upon scanning, offering immediate lessons on identifying and avoiding such threats.
  • Automatic Integration: Seamlessly incorporates into existing and future learning cycles without the need for manual setup.
  • Customizable Simulations: Offers the ability to tailor the QR code content and landing pages to suit specific organizational needs.
  • Tracking and Reporting: Provides detailed analytics on employee interactions and learning progress with the simulations.
  • Seamless Integration and Ease of Use: Included as part of the CybeReady Security Awareness Training solution for simple and automatic deployment in future QR simulations. This means no additional effort is required from an organization to implement these training simulations as they can be seamlessly integrated into existing cybersecurity training modules, ensuring continuous and up-to-date learning experiences for the staff.

Alongside the QR Code Simulations, CybeReady is also introducing ‘Awareness Bites’ catered educational content that is specifically focused on QR codes. Awareness Bites are designed to provide quick, focused, and easily digestible information covering various aspects of cybersecurity. The concept behind these “bites” is to offer concise, impactful lessons that are easy for employees to understand and remember, making them particularly effective in fast-paced work environments. The new QR Code Awareness Bites fall under the Mobile Phone Security Category and are designed to provide quick, impactful insights into QR code safety and best practices.

“QR Code phishing represents a significant and growing threat among both large and small enterprises. By integrating QR Code Simulations into the training regimen, organizations can stay ahead of these sophisticated attacks,” said CyberReady Head of Products, Michal Gil. “This not only provides for a more defensive posture but also empowers employees with the knowledge and skills needed to identify and prevent such threats.”

The data-driven, SaaS-based solution is designed to enhance the cybersecurity knowledge and practices of employees in organizations of all sizes. Utilizing adaptive learning methodologies and machine learning algorithms, it offers personalized and engaging training experiences that are tailored to the unique needs and learning patterns of each employee. The solution includes interactive content such as simulations of real-life phishing attacks and concise educational materials such as Awareness Bites.

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