Community Fibre Selects Zinier to Empower Field Workers

Zinier, a leader in productivity software for deskless workers, announced Community Fibre, London’s fastest 100 percent full fiber broadband provider, will use Zinier to build an end-to-end field service solution and manage its field service operations.

The global market for fiber-to-the-home is expected to double in size to $31.3B by 2026, representing an annual growth rate of over 12.4 percent in that span, according to a recent Global Industry Analysts report. The continually increasing demand for FTTH is driving pressure to expand field operations and improve customer service to meet those needs.

Community Fibre is capitalizing on the market’s demand for high-speed connectivity. To increase its efficiency and customer experience Community Fibre will automate the management of its mobile field operations with Zinier. The solution has a focus on ease of use and extensibility that allows it to be future-proofed.

“This year we continue to scale to deliver on our promise to connect more Londoners to our gigabit-capable network,” said Jake Mitchell, head of customer engineering at Community Fibre. “Zinier’s platform is expected to enable a whole host of features aimed at strengthening our customer experience, by improving visibility and transparency of day-to-day activities, which will translate to operational efficiencies. Zinier’s platform will also be tailored to the needs of our technicians, providing a centralized, well-integrated solution to our workforce management needs.”

Zinier’s suite of productivity tools are designed to empower deskless workers to maximize their performance, providing a single place for frontline and back-office employees to collaborate and execute in the field.

Community Fibre aims to use Zinier to drive back-office optimization by automating manual tasks such as scheduling, job exceptions and routing support tickets, as well as providing customer communications and other notifications and integrating with its existing systems.

“Zinier supports the field workers who keep the world up and running and building out high-speed internet connections is an important driver of economic activity,” said Prateek Chakravarty, CEO of Zinier. “Our experience supporting fiber-to-the-home rollouts enables us to help operators like Community Fibre build state-of-the-art residential solutions. We’re excited that Community Fibre customers will benefit from not only blazing fast speeds, but also superior customer service.”