Emerge Diagnostics Launches Remote Employee Wellness

Emerge Diagnostics, a medical diagnostic provider and technology company specializing in soft tissue injury management, announced the launch of a breakthrough wellness offering that allows employers, industry groups and trade associations to offer a range of health care services focused on musculoskeletal and preventive health via telemedicine.

The Emerge Diagnostics Wellness Platform is the first-of-its-kind to combine Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment (EFA) technology in conjunction with unique virtual yoga instruction, telemedicine and discounted healthcare benefits – including radiology, mental health and lab work.

Over the last 15 years of its commercial use, Emerge Diagnostics’ EFA technology has gained recognition in soft tissue injury diagnostics and prevention. It uses electromyography in conjunction with functional assessments to pinpoint musculoskeletal conditions and enhance site-specific treatment.

By offering this capability in conjunction with preventative measures such as yoga, fitness coaching and telehealth access, the Emerge Diagnostics Wellness Platform addresses the challenges workers and their families face in the current environment.

“With the prospect of long-term remote work rapidly becoming a certainty, persistent labor shortages and the erratic spread of the COVID-19 virus creating untenable burdens for America’s workers and their families, employers are staring down an employee wellness crisis,” said Mary Reaston, Ph.D., co-founder and chief science officer of Emerge Diagnostics. “With this new platform, we’re making it possible for employers, industry groups and trade associations to give employees and their families comprehensive wellness services that target the root causes of back and neck strains, headache, repetitive stress injuries and overall fatigue and burnout that have become the collateral damage of the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Delivered via a partnership between Emerge DiagnosticsYoga Your Way and Healthcare2U, the comprehensive wellness platform helps employers drive retention and improve outcomes by delivering affordable, flexible preventive care to employees and their families.

“Work has fundamentally changed over the past two years and employee benefits plans need to evolve with new forms of preventive care to address the needs of the new marketplace,” said David Riker, CEO of Emerge Diagnostics. “Employers need innovative solutions to help keep their employees healthy, energized and engaged in an environment in which everyone is trying to do more with less.

“We believe this platform helps to address that need at a cost and delivery format that is accessible to everyone,” Riker added.

Delivered as a low-cost monthly subscription that covers employees and dependents, the program is designed to help families stay prepared if they need medical advice and to stay healthy and fit in mind and body with its focus on musculoskeletal wellness and preventative care.

By bringing together industry leading providers of soft-tissue diagnostics, telehealth primary care services and yoga and fitness, the Emerge Diagnostics Wellness Platform creates a unique offering in the employee benefits space.

For more information, visit www.emergedx.com.