Bionic Integrates with ServiceNow for ASPM

Bionic, an application security posture management (ASPM) platform, announced a series of product innovations to help enterprises manage application risk in production.

The company has introduced a ServiceNow Service Graph Connector that provides engineering and security teams with a real-time configuration management database (CMDB) of their cloud applications, microservices and dependencies in production.

This capability fills a gap for organizations that need an accurate up-to-date inventory of their cloud application dependencies.

The company also announced Bionic Events, a feature that correlates application changes to overall security risk; and enhanced dashboard capabilities to provide an instant status of an organization’s application security posture.

By joining the ServiceNow Service Graph Connector program, Bionic helps customers load third-party data into the system, enabling data quality, timeliness, and scalability. Bionic’s Service Graph Connector allows customers to enrich their existing ServiceNow CMDB with a real-time accurate model of all their application dependencies so they can secure and manage their cloud applications.

With today’s complex, distributed environments, applications change constantly and not all the modifications are tested or vetted thoroughly prior to release. Bionic Events shows customers how applications are changing, and the risk associated with those alterations.

The Bionic platform tracks when application services and artifacts change — added, removed, or modified — and then analyzes how that change impacts the overall security risk posture.

Now customers can search, filter, and investigate specific events right from the Events page. Additionally, Bionic’s Events Time Frame feature allows customers to visualize how changes have affected their application security posture over a specified period.

Modern security teams are inundated with tools, data, and alerts, most of which are neither relevant nor actionable. Bionic’s dashboard helps security teams focus on the insights that matter for managing their overall application security posture.

Users will find an at-a-glance overview of their application services, deployment stack and potential exposures. They also will find a variety of filters and interactive widgets that help teams better manage, prioritize and remediate threats.