Augmentt Features SaaS Security Alerting for Microsoft 365

Augmentt, a SaaS security and management platform built for MSPs, announced SaaS Security Alerting for Microsoft 365. Available through Augmentt Secure, the real-time threat detection gives MSPs the SaaS alerting capability for the protection of Microsoft 365.

“With the use of SaaS-based applications on the rise, cybersecurity breaches, ransomware attacks and data loss are becoming more acute, creating both challenge and opportunity for today’s MSPs,” said Derik Belair, CEO & co-founder of Augmentt“With Augmentt Secure, MSPs gain a comprehensive cloud application security monitoring and management offering designed to simplify and streamline Microsoft 365 security.”

Offering detailed reporting and a 360-degree view of the environment, Augment Secure creates business value for the MSP and their customers and aligns with Augmentt’s cyber insurance alliance, which helps MSPs mitigate risk at a lesser cost.

Since Augmentt was founded in 2020, the company has focused on providing MSPs with the tools and insights they need to deliver better security and greater value.

“Augmentt Secure’s new SaaS Security Alerts gets us one step closer to providing MSPs with an end-to-end SaaS security and management solution that gives them a 360-degree view into their clients’ SaaS environments,” Belair said.

With Augmentt Secure, MSPs can:

  • Audit – Run free security threat reports for clients and prospects to identify vulnerabilities such as legacy authentication and monitor policy adoption, including multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • Protect – Enforce, monitor security policies, and fix issues that arise across clients’ Microsoft 365 environments through MFA configuration management.
  • Detect – Now with SaaS Alerting, receive alerts via an e-mail report or PSA, for example, when MFA is turned off.

The addition of SaaS Security Alerts provides near real-time alerting when an active threat to the client environment is detected, such as a login from a foreign country when the user is still at the office. Augmentt Secure also provides a multi-tenancy, or per tenant, view of alert details, as well as additional thresholding that enables MSPs to reduce noise by setting rules establishing which alerts they want to receive.

“Augmentt stands alone as the only single portal solution able to solve all of the security aspects an MSP faces when protecting their clients’ Microsoft 365 environments,” said Gavin Garbutt, chairman and co-founder of Augmentt. “Our portfolio is an MSP’s ‘SaaS Swiss army knife’ for SaaS security and management.”

Augmentt Secure with SaaS Alerting capabilities is available now. Through Oct. 30, Augmentt is offering 100 free licenses of Secure to get MSPs started on their journey toward providing end-to-end security for their clients’ Microsoft 365 environments. For information about Augmentt’s solutions, training and partner enablement resources visit