Airtame Enhances Collaboration in 1,200 Classrooms

With recent funding programs intended to help schools invest in new technologies, the Warren County Public Schools (WCPS) district in Kentucky recognized it could help teachers simplify tech-based classwork and increase student engagement using the Airtame platform for shared screens.

According to WCPS Instructional Technology Coordinator Matt Kresslein, the Airtame platform, enabled by Airtame 2 hardware, provides seamless wireless screen sharing and district-wide digital signage opportunities across approximately 1,200 TVs in the district’s 28 schools and seven non-instructional facilities.

“Warren County Public Schools has a focus on student-centered instruction, and we prioritize technology where appropriate, including providing every student with a Chromebook,” Kresslein said. “We’re always looking for sustainable solutions that provide consistency in our instructional spaces, and Airtame, in conjunction with TV displays and devices for each student and teacher, provides that consistent experience.

“We have transitioned from interactive whiteboards located at the front of each room to TVs with the Airtame platform, which has freed our teachers to move around the room as they lead digital lessons delivered wirelessly from mobile devices,” he continued. “This has proven to be far more impactful than standing in the front of the room while students use their Chromebooks.”

With every room featuring the same technology design, teachers can walk into any classroom and connect their laptop or mobile device to the display and begin screen sharing. Teachers can designate a “Favorite Airtame” that keeps the chosen Airtame and TV at the top of their connections list so there are no complications or barriers to presenting wirelessly.

It’s a secure, virtually foolproof procedure that ensures schools can be as flexible as required while delivering consistent quality.

An advantage of using Airtame is the platform protects and prioritizes teachers’ wireless connections, strengthening their control of the classroom. The prior whiteboard solution allowed any wireless device to override teachers’ connections, which presented an opportunity for students to interrupt lessons and disrupt the class.

Unlike the independently operated whiteboards, the Airtame platform allows administrators to treat every TV as an endpoint in a consolidated digital signage network. They can present messages, announcements, notes of recognition and other information to specific classrooms or schools, or across the entire district.

Beyond the classroom, this has allowed the school to deploy digital menu boards for cafeterias, among other usage scenarios. Spaces with multiple Airtame-powered TVs also offer teachers the option to stream simultaneously to multiple displays, which was not possible previously.

After extensive testing and evaluation, WCPS entered into a five-year licensing agreement to ensure reliable and repeatable learning environments and instructional processes. The district may find more uses for the technology in the future, as Airtame issues software updates and new features to further enhance the classroom experience.

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