650 Group Reaffirms Versa’s Leadership in SASE, SD-WAN

Versa Networks has been named the Deployed SASE and Enabled SD-WAN market leader for 2022 by 650 Group – a market research firm reporting on the data center, communications and information technology industries.

According to 650 Group, Versa led the market for Deployed SASE and Enabled SD-WAN for 2022 worldwide revenue. Versa has maintained a leadership position in these categories since 2020.

650 Group evaluates leading SD-WAN and SASE vendors each quarter to analyze vendor performance quarterly. Each report includes market shares and five-year forecasts with various performance metrics.

According to 650 Group, Deployed SASE is defined as single-vendor SASE deployed as a suite. Enabled SD-WAN means a customer has purchased and uses SD-WAN functions.

“As a result of Versa’s market performance in 2022, we again recognized them as the yearly market share leader in both Deployed SASE and Enabled SD-WAN,” said Alan Weckel, co-founder and analyst of 650 Group. “Our research indicates that enterprises are making SASE a priority for their IT budgets in 2023 with a preference for single-vendor offerings.”

Versa Networks CEO Kelly Ahuja said, “Versa’s AI/ML-powered single-vendor unified SASE platform was architected from day one to tightly integrate the security and networking products that organizations need in a cloud-first hybrid workforce world. Versa’s single-stack architecture uniquely delivers comprehensive security service edge (SSE) and secure networking capabilities for organizations, as proven by Versa’s continued success and rapid growth.

“Our single-vendor unified SASE approach provides simplification, improved risk posture and better user experience than other SASE solutions,” Ahuja continued. “This is why the industry at large has recognized Versa’s unified SASE offering as the leading solution, and we are glad to  ee yet another validation by these 650 Group reports.”

Versa’s AI/ML-powered single-vendor unified SASE delivers organically developed functions that integrate and deliver services via the cloud, on-premises, or as a blended combination of both, managed through a single pane of glass.

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