Yealink Launches Teams Rooms Solutions for More Flexible Meetings

Yealink, a unified communications (UC) solution provider, has launched its third-generation MVC Series Microsoft Teams Rooms System, as it collaborated with Microsoft in integrating AI technologies like voice control, identity recognition, and transcription into video conferencing.

The solutions offer smart features for a more equitable video conferencing experience and flexible installation for meeting environments, from standard rooms to boardrooms, training spaces and divisible rooms.

This year, hybrid work adoption has surged by more than 28 percent, according to Forbes. And, McKinsey’s data underscores AI’s potential to amplify efficiency, potentially saving 70 percent of work time.

Driven by AI technology, Yealink’s MTR solutions elevate collaboration. With Copilot Integration, voice commands initiate and end the meetings, freeing participants’ hands.

Voice and facial recognition identifies and displays participant names in meetings and on real-time transcriptions. Whether through multi-stream people feed (for regular meeting rooms) or multi-camera intelliframe (for larger spaces), the system tracks the latest four active speakers, promoting seamless and natural conversations.

Yealink’s MTR solutions offer flexible deployment for different application requirements. In terms of audio, various options are available, including wired, wireless, and ceiling microphones, tailored to users’ specific needs.

For screen-sharing, not only are wired connections like HDMI or USB-C supported, but the solutions accommodate wireless sharing through Miracast, AirPlay, Google Cast and Yealink’s WPP30 wireless presentation pod, catering to versatile screen sharing requirements.

The entire series comes with the MCore Pro mini-PC, which features built-in EDID recognition for different display resolutions, eliminating the need for additional connectors and ensuring optimal display quality.

In large enterprises, the complexity of meeting room setups necessitates the integration of a range of audiovisual devices such as lighting, sound systems, video conferencing and digital signage. This creates a need for a more professional, high-end, and even customized comprehensive solution, commonly referred to as a Pro-AV solution (Professional Audiovisual solution).

Strategically addressing this demand, Yealink’s new MTR solutions offer a multi-camera setup for large meeting environments, supporting the simultaneous use of multiple cameras to capture diverse perspectives during discussion. Additionally, they boast broad compatibility with well-known third-party audio and control solutions, including Biamp, Kramer, AMX, and Q-SYS, amplifying the versatility and potential of users’ meeting room experiences.

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