Xcitium Brings ‘Zero Dwell’ Capability to Legacy EDR Platforms

Xcitium, a security platform provider focused on preventing damage caused by malware, announced the availability of its advanced endpoint security solution, ZeroDwell Containment, for customers with or without legacy EDR products. Xcitium multi-patented technology closes the gaps in enterprise cybersecurity defenses left by traditional detection methods.

According to Tim Bandos, EVP of SOC services at Xcitium: “However sophisticated your security stack, there will always be new threats that slip through the cracks. With an estimated 560,000 new pieces of malware created every day, legacy EDR vendors will fail to detect anywhere between 1 percent and 5 percent of unknown hostile payloads that cause immense damage.”

ZeroDwell Containment is a solution that assures zero dwell time for cyber-attacks and capable of preventing unknown threats without compromising productivity.

Dwell time is the amount of time it takes to detect an initial infection by an attacker from the moment it enters the system. As dwell time increases, so do the chances of damage, disruption or theft from malware, phishing, ransomware and other forms of cyber-attack. The mean average dwell times in the industry are well documented at around 21 days.

Xcitium’s ZeroDwell Containment isolates all unknown or suspect code entering an organization until it can be verified as trustworthy: all unknown objects are guilty until proven innocent. Unlike rival solutions, end users, applications, data and business operations are never interrupted by ZeroDwell Containment, and contained attacks are no longer threats.

“No system that relies on detection alone can ensure all malware will be found and eliminated before it causes damagem,” said Ken Levine, chief executive of Xcitium. “Traditional detection is unable to detect unknown objects, and this is why breaches and ransoms persist worldwide! Xcitium, however, contains all unknown objects that have no known signature or hash, preventing attacker damage. This protection-first approach closes the cyber security gap. Organizations that run Zero Dwell Containment either with our full endpoint or alongside their existing solutions are more secure. To prove the point, Xcitium publishes weekly statistics.”

Frost & Sullivan named Xcitium as the 2022 Competitive Strategy Leader of the Endpoint Security industry. Sarah Pavlak, industry principal with Frost & Sullivan noted, “Xcitium’s ZeroDwell technology, utilizing patented kernel-level API virtualization, prevents unknown malware from accessing critical system resources that cause damage, while providing complete use of the unknown file or application—this is a distinct departure from all existing vendors that terminate the offending unknown only after their engine makes a threat determination.”

Xcitium also was named Product of the Year 2022 earlier this month by AV Labs, an independent malware test lab based in the European Union.

For additional details, visit Xcitum.com.