Workspot Client Becomes Chrome Enterprise Recommended

Workspot, an enterprise VDI platform built for the multi-cloud and hybrid era, announces today it has become a Chrome Enterprise Recommended (CER) partner. The partnership between Workspot and Google Chrome delivers enterprise-proven Windows 10 and 11 desktops and apps from the customer’s cloud of choice, including Google Cloud, as well as from on-premises data centers to Chrome devices, bringing new levels of security, flexibility and agility to organizations as they deploy, manage and standardize end-user computing.

Enterprise organizations are exploring the most secure way to deliver applications and data to a remote workforce, across many types of enterprise use cases. At the same time, end-users require the best possible performance for anywhere, anytime productivity – there can be no compromises.

Workspot Client for Web, a progressive web application (PWA), enables high-performance delivery of Windows 10/11 desktops and legacy applications on Google Chrome. Chrome enables IT and security teams to keep corporate data protected with customizable, enterprise-grade security controls.

Using the combination of Chrome and Workspot, customers now have access to a zero-trust security model, high-performance Windows workloads and legacy applications via a safe browser accessible from anywhere in the world.

Security and app delivery models that rely on employees working within a corporate perimeter are obsolete. The combination of Workspot’s cloud-native, enterprise-proven virtual desktop solution and Chrome-enabled devices reduces the management and security challenges associated with traditional VDI solutions and physical PCs, enabling IT teams to support a global workforce while lowering overall costs more easily for EUC.

Workspot Client runs on any standard browser, including Chrome. End users can access their Workspot virtual desktops and applications from anywhere at any time. Workspot Client was designed for exceptional performance, including for graphics-intensive applications, such as those used by computer-aided design (CAD) engineers and designers.

Workspot Client is available now. More information about the benefits it offers can be found here. To schedule a demo with Workspot’s experts go here.

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