Working Solutions Pioneers On-demand Customer Care

Working Solutions, a recognized leader in onshore contact center outsourcing, celebrates the 25th anniversary of its founding that ushered in on-demand customer service and sales support.

Long before the gig economy, Kim Houlne, founder and chief executive, turned an idea into an industry in October 1996. She saw the value of virtual customer care delivered by independent contractors, all working from home. That fluid, fast-flex business model now serves as an industry standard as remote work continues to become the new norm.

Houlne launched a website seeking freelance professionals to fill a yet-untapped demand, benefitting workers and businesses. The remote-worker site had a 500-plus-person response in the first few days. Now, more than 50,000 persons apply every month to become agents.

Since then, Working Solutions has built a network of more than 150,000+ agents across the United States and Canada. Backed by industry experts, the company’s virtual workforces are created in clients’ own brands, designed to deliver unmatched customer experiences.

Its scalable operations serve everyday business, long-term projects and unforeseen events, such as the pandemic.

“On-demand workforces, with their flexibility, are perfect for the times,” Houlne said.

She credits a mix of moxie, empathic service and forward-thinking for reaching the 25th milestone. To succeed, Houlne insists staying close to workers on the front lines is a must. “They give us the insight to do the job right.”

About 80 percent of the employees are remote, including many senior leaders. And in an industry known for high turnover, it’s common for agents to celebrate anniversaries of 5, 10 and 15 years. The business model enables work-life balance and workplace freedom — musts for 21st-century workforces.