Wondershare Rolls Out Collaborative Annotations, Comments Feature

As a cloud-based PDF storage and electronic signature platform, Wondershare Document Cloud has released a version that allows users to do collaborative comments and annotations.

The new feature comprises personal as well as multi-user annotations to mark-up files uploaded to the Wondershare Document Cloud. Users can add personal comments and notes to files, as well as add publicly visible markups that can be seen by other authorized users. The feature is permission-based, so users can control permission assignments, setting it to either ‘view’ or ‘view and comment’.

Some Key Features of Wondershare Document Cloud:

  • Secure cloud storage for PDF workflows
  • Global accessibility using SSO (single sign-on) protocols
  • Enterprise-grade security for stored and in-transit documents
  • Integrated electronic signature feature with two options – capture multiple e-signatures on a single copy of a document or one signature per copy
  • Large template library that can be customized or created from scratch
  • Multiple actions on stored files – delete, rename, share, send for signature, etc.
  • Integration with PDFelement Pro DC for Windows – upload, download, and send for signing
  • Secure emails with added security code
  • Users and third-party signers can create and e-Sign PDF documents without downloading any software
  • Price and Compatibility

Wondershare Document Cloud starts at $9.99 quarterly, while the cloud-integrated PDFelement Pro DC starts at $29.99 quarterly. As a browser-based product, Document Cloud can be accessed on any connected system running a modern browser. It is OS-agnostic and can work with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and ChromeOS, and other major operating systems.

For information, visit https://pdfcloud.wondershare.com/