Vyopta Integrates Zoom QSS to Enhance Real-Time Monitoring, Analytics for Zoom Phone

Vyopta, which focuses on digital collaboration and experience optimization, announced the integration of Zoom’s Quality of Service Subscription support for Zoom Phones. This integration signifies a step toward providing real-time reporting and diagnostics for users of Zoom Phones, leveraging the new APIs introduced by Zoom to offer enhanced monitoring capabilities.

Vyopta’s partnership with Zoom around its QSS feature affects how enterprises manage quality of experience for Zoom Phone users. By utilizing Zoom QSS, Vyopta can now offer actionable insights and analytics in real-time, enabling immediate responses to call quality issues. This integration streamlines troubleshooting, allowing for proactive issue detection, root cause identification and prompt remediation steps. Vyopta’s intelligent monitoring and alerts engine, combined with contextual intelligence and customizable dashboards, promotes a comprehensive view of the digital collaboration estate.

“We are excited to continue our partnership with Zoom, a leader in the softphone and UCaaS market,” said CEO, Alfred Ramirez. “This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to enhancing digital communication technologies for better enterprise performance.”

Zoom’s impressive growth in the UCaaS sector was highlighted recently, with Zoom Phone now boasting seven million paid seats, Zoom Contact Center reaching 700 customers and the Zoom AI Companion activating over 220,000 accounts in less than two months.

“A crucial aspect of successful collaboration is understanding how organizations experience and utilize the collaboration tools and workspaces they have invested in, like Zoom,” added Mitch Ricks, Global Leader of ISV Partnerships and Strategy with Zoom. “It is of utmost importance to prioritize the quality of this experience to ensure effective collaboration.”

From Vyopta’s perspective, this integration aligns with their mission to optimize digital collaboration for enterprises. Vyopta’s solutions have helped hundreds of large enterprises and government agencies reduce mean time to repair by up to 75 percent, improving quality of experience by 50 percent and saving millions in technology and real estate investments while boosting productivity.