Vultr Bolsters Cloud Alliance by Adding Yext

Vultr, an independent cloud computing platform, announced digital experience platform Yext is joining its growing Cloud Alliance ecosystem.

Companies can use Yext’s open and composable digital experience platform (DXP) globally to build and deliver new types of customer experiences at scale.

Yext’s AI-led approach to digital experiences enables businesses to create and manage their digital footprint across an array of touchpoints such as first and third-party channels, mobile apps and chatbots.

With Yext and Vultr, businesses now can scale applications across regions and provide optimal digital experiences by leveraging a DXP and global composable cloud.

With Vultr’s network of more than 32 global data center locations, businesses can position their sites and operations near target markets, resulting in reduced latency and improved performance for their digital platforms.

In an era where brands compete on customer experience (CX), 77 percent of brands believe CX is a key competitive differentiator. With the global CX management market reaching $8.79 billion in 2021 and expected to grow 18.1 percent every year from 2022 to 2030, the need to manage brand interactions across all digital channels – web, mobile, social, and product review sites has never been higher.

As more brands, retailers, and enterprises task their development teams to build “intelligent experience engines,” putting personalization at the center of their digital application strategy, Yext and Vultr have the building blocks to drive digital innovation with performance, affordability,and repeatability.

To learn more about the Yext and Vultr partnership, visit: here.

For more information on the Vultr Cloud Alliance, visit: here.