Voodle Challenges Leaders to Rethink Offsite as Companies Ready Hybrid Working

Voodle, the asynchronous short video platform purpose-built for remote and hybrid teams and the new workplace, released Virtual Offsite-in-a-Box, a resource for teams looking to drive alignment, camaraderie and innovation – but without the Zoom fatigue.

Virtual Offsites from Voodle offer a set of curated asynchronous activities, blended with synchronous touchpoints, that ensures full participation, driving buy-in and consensus.

“Just being together does not automatically translate to breakthrough thinking,” said Rachel Lanham, Chief Customer Officer for Voodle. “It’s time to rethink the offsite, leveraging what was learned during our forced all-remote experiment. Moving ideation to an asynchronous flow not only accommodates our new remote-working world but may actually be more inclusive. By shifting to asynchronous video ideation, the playing field is leveled, creativity-killing constraints are removed and real magic can happen.”

Teams turn to Voodle’s Virtual Offsite-in-a-Box as an alternative to happy hours or other company outings, utilizing unique features such as:

Voodle Streams, which make it simple to invite colleagues to engage in a prompt and set the ideation process in motion.

VoodleChallenges to drive interpersonal connections, inclusive brainstorming across teams and enrich corporate culture. Knowing that some teammates are most creative when they aren’t on the spot, the fun async solution encourages ideation to happen on its own schedule.

For more information about Voodle’s Virtual Offsite-in-a-Box, and the benefits of asynchronous short video communication, visit www.voodle.com.