VMware on OVHcloud Addresses Challenges in Moving to Cloud

OVHcloud, a European cloud leader, announced the rearchitecting of its VMware portfolio in the hosted private cloud universe. Closely following the needs of system integrators, SaaS providers, SMBs and enterprises, the VMware on OVHcloud product line addresses main challenges in moving legacy apps to the cloud, developing modern apps or setting up a multi-cloud strategy.

Leveraging technologies and architectures customers already use, trust and know, the VMware on OVHcloud lineup offers a seamless experience built on VMware vSphere. It is robust and flexible and takes advantage of an unmetered 10 Gbps guaranteed bandwidth as well as an improved and SLA of 99.95 percent for higher availability and resilience.

The VMware on OVHcloud range comprises four products:

  • OVHcloud Managed VMware vSphere
  • OVHcloud Managed VMware vSphere, Hyperconverged Storage
  • OVHcloud Managed VMware vSphere, Network Security
  • OVHcloud Managed VMware vSphere, Software-Defined Data Center

The VMware on OVHcloud platform allows application migration to the cloud without any refactoring, reducing risk and saving time, as well as the ability to perform infrastructure migration in lift and shift scenarios.

It is ready to deploy VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid, making Kubernetes cluster management a breeze and paves the way for apps to evolve to a cloud-native model.

With VMware NSX-T available on select products, the overall security management of apps is streamlined, whatever their context (VM or Container). This also includes the ability to rely on a micro-segmentation strategy to reduce the risk of lateral movement attacks, such as ransomware.

The rearchitected VMware on OVHcloud product line is designed to offer customers maximum flexibility, ensuring they only pay for what they need. With costs rising around the world across most industries, and 80 percent of businesses concerned by the challenge of mastering cloud spending, this focus offers organizations the best possible performance–price ratio for their budgets and needs, demonstrating the predictable pricing for which OVHcloud is known.

VMware on OVHcloud benefits from OVHcloud’s expertise in infrastructure, offering a trusted cloud in environmentally friendly data centers. Totally integrated with other OVHcloud services through vRack Private Network, VMware on OVHcloud addresses stringent workloads when it comes to sovereignty.

Being labeled as a “VMware Sovereign Cloud Provider,” VMware on OVHcloud comes with a host of certifications including HIPPA, HDS, PCI-DSS, and the SecNumCloud qualification delivered by France’s National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI).

OVHcloud data centers take advantage of an industrial model with a bespoke water-cooling system that contributes to a sustainable cloud that allows customers to reach “best-in-class” PUE/WUE indexes.

VMware on OVHcloud is available globally.

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