Versa SASE Earns 2021 Pandemic Tech Innovation Award

Versa Networks announced its Versa SASE Secure Access work-from-home solution has been named a 2021 Pandemic Tech Innovation Award winner.

Versa SASE for work-from-home delivers tightly integrated SASE via the cloud, on-premises, or as a blended combination of both via Versa Operating System (VOS) with a single-pass parallel processing architecture and managed through a single pane of glass.

Versa began delivering SASE services such as VPN, secure SD-WAN, edge compute protection, next-generation firewall, next-generation firewall as a service, secure web gateway, and zero trust network access five years ago. The company provides contextual security based on user, role, device, application, location, security posture of the device and content.

As a leader in the fastest growing security and networking category, SASE, and executing on SASE services for years, Versa delivers a differentiated architecture for high performance and security.

Gartner has identified Versa SASE as having the most SASE components out of all 56 vendors Gartner evaluated. Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) also found that Versa SASE has the most SASE supported functions, as published in its recent industry report.

The 2021 Pandemic Tech Innovation Awards recognize hardware, software, devices/peripherals, applications, and services that help society and business function effectively in the face of challenges caused by pandemics.

Unlike competing solutions, Versa SASE was built from the ground up to deliver a tightly integrated SASE solution within a single software stack managed via a single interface, eliminating service chaining, cascading and virtual interconnect between services, which is required by competitors. Competing solutions have hidden costs and gaps in security because they require multiple product and service components. Achieving visibility and control from solutions requiring service chaining to connect multiple components together proves ineffective, increasing the costs and attack surfaces for organizations.

Versa SASE runs on VOS, which is designed with the Versa Single-Pass Parallel Processing architecture combining extensive security, advanced networking, industry leading SD-WAN, genuine multitenancy, and sophisticated analytics into one software image. This integration and design methodology dramatically decreases latency, significantly improves performance, and mitigates security vulnerabilities which other solutions introduce by running multiple software stacks, service chains, or appliances.