Versa Achieves Highest Rating by Firewall Test

Versa Networks, a leader in single-vendor secure access service edge (SASE), achieved the highest possible rating of “AAA” in the industry’s first Cloud Network Firewall comparative test. The evaluation was conducted by, a non-profit member organization that provides transparency and guidance on cybersecurity risks through research and objective product testing. Versa also was recognized for having the lowest price per Mbps value over the competitive field tested.

CyberRatings tested eight cloud network firewall products for the industry’s comparative evaluation report. It performed an independent test of the Versa Networks Cloud Network Firewall (CNFW) Versa-FlexVNF-21.2.3 on Amazon Web Services. The Instance used for this test was c5.9xlarge (36 vCPU, 72 GB memory, and 10+ Gbps network Bandwidth). Versa achieved top scores across all tested categories:

  • AAA in Management and Reporting Capabilities
  • AAA in Routing and Policy Enforcement
  • AAA in SSL/TLS Functionality
  • AAA in Threat Prevention
  • AAA in Performance

The CyberRatings results noted that, “Threat Protection was excellent; Versa blocked 35 out of 35 evasion techniques and 977 out of 977 exploits. The device passed all stability and reliability tests. The HTTP Rated Throughput was 1,000 Mbps; TLS/HTTPS Rated Throughput was 929 Mbps, giving Versa an excellent combined Rated Throughput of 965 Mbps. With excellent security and performance, this product is a strong offering and should be considered by enterprises.”

A complimentary copy of the CyberRatings Cloud Network Firewall Comparative report and the Versa Networks report are available from the Versa website at

Versa received the highest rating in CyberRatings’ UDP throughput test, which determined how each vendor performed using 512-byte frames. For the evaluation, CyberRatings tested the maximum rate the firewall could process raw packets of various sizes (64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 1280 and 1518), the associated latency, and the number of dropped packets. Versa was also evaluated to have the lowest Price, lowest Normalized Price, and highest Value.

According to CyberRatings, “The price should be viewed within the context of ‘how effective is the security?’ After all, an inexpensive device that only blocks 10 percent of attacks is not serving the purpose for which it was purchased; there is no value – similarly, performance matters, but not at the expense of security. Therefore, calculating a security device’s value requires considering the relationship between price, performance, manageability, and security.”

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