Verizon Advances “Community Forward” Initiative for Under-Served Locations

Verizon is advancing its “Community Forward” initiative, whereby it intends to reinvigorate community spaces in cities across the U.S., providing under-served populations with resources and digital skills training to promote a remote workforce and 5G economy.

Of note, Verizon plans to provide technology and resources for K-12 students (STEM education) and adults (digital literacy training, workforce development and entrepreneurship learning) alike.

The Verizon Community Forward initiative will launch starting in September 2021 at 10 community centers across Portland, Pittsburgh, Houston and Cleveland, with additional locations such as libraries and community colleges in other markets to follow.

The effort is part of “Citizen Verizon,” the company’s business plan for economic, environmental and social advancement. Through Citizen Verizon, the carrier is committed to providing 10 million youths, 500,000 individuals and one million SMBs, respectively, with digital skill, “jobs of the future” and other resources to “thrive in the digital economy” by 2030.