Vega Cloud and Stickley Partner to Enable Secure Remote Work

Vega Cloud, a Liberty Lake-based technology startup that builds innovative technology solutions for businesses, has signed a partnership with Stickley on Security to help drive a more secure and compliant remote working experience.

“We are seeing an exponential increase in cyber incidents coupled with increasing sophistication from bad actors,” said Jim Stickley. “The explosion of incidents correlates to the volume of employees now working in vulnerable areas outside the secure corporate networks. The secure Vega WorkRemote solution is a modern approach significantly reducing the current vulnerabilities that are being exposed due to the pandemic.”

Vega Cloud founder and CEO Kris Bliesner also commented.

“The WorkRemote offering is a secure packaged solution enabled by the Vega Cloud Platform,” said Bliesner. “At its core, Vega is focused on enabling a more efficient and secure use of Cloud technology and remote work happens to be one of the most relevant use cases due to the pandemic.”