Vectra Protect Helps Mitigate Risk in Microsoft 365

Vectra AI, a leader in AI-driven threat detection and response for hybrid and multi-cloud enterprises, has launched the Vectra Protect, a posture management tool designed to discover and mitigate security risks in Microsoft 365 (M365). Vectra Protect combines more than 50,00+ hours of research and development with automation to analyze an organization’s M365 security posture and provide customized implementation plans to remediate risk.

To ensure all organizations can have access to the solution, Vectra is extending a free sign-up for an Azure Active Directory scan until September 30. 

With the accelerated use of M365 collaboration tools, cyber attackers are targeting access management tools like Azure AD to enter other SaaS tools and enterprise network assets. They then establish a foothold to launch ransomware attacks, steal intellectual property and gain unauthorized access to sensitive user data.

With its scanning engine, Vectra Protect combines insights from the M365 Graph API with PowerShell module data to provide a holistic view into the integrity of every identity in an organization’s M365 environment. As a scan designed to uncover identity security issues in M365, Vectra Protect provides organizations with:


  • Quick, actionable remediation insights – With its multi-stage methodology, the scan provides organizations with actionable results within hours. Rather than hindering the security team with more alerts, the scan creates a risk mitigation map that provides a path to implementation with guidance on risk and operational impact.
  • Tailored cloud support – Organizations can gain insight into the severity of vulnerabilities, material changes to their configuration state, the operational impact of the required solution, and the steps for remediation aligned to their applicable industry standards and regulatory requirements.
  • Configuration correction and compliance – Vectra Protect delves into the configuration complexities of M365, highlighting misconfigurations with context to guide companies to risk resolution and provide security teams with the proof they need to show their policies are effective and compliant.
  • Confidence in collaboration – By understanding areas where risks and configuration issues persist, organizations can fulfill the promises of cloud technology without creating unmanaged risk. Organizations can gain efficiencies in implementing and using SaaS tools like M365 by eliminating default settings and aligning operations, information technology, security, and audit teams on security priorities.

The free Vectra Protect for Azure AD scan, a value up to $50,000, will be available to any M365 customer operating in any M365 environment.  The scan focuses on a common foothold for unauthorized access and risk: access management in the active directory. The Vectra Project will be showcased June 6-9, during RSAC 2022 in San Francisco. Register for the session here.

For more details about Vectra Protect for Azure AD and to request a free scan, please visit: