Untangle Simplifies SD-WAN Setup with Command Center Release

Untangle Inc., a leader in comprehensive network security for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and distributed enterprises, announced enhancements to its Command Center.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and their customers can deploy and automatically connect network appliances – like Untangle NG Firewalls and SD-WAN Routers – directly from Command Center, from any location.

Command Center streamlines the setup and management of networks that have multiple appliances saving administrators time and reduces the complexity of connecting remote offices by creating secure connections between appliances in a network automatically.

According to the SMB IT Security Report, 78 percent of SMB employees are working remotely with an anticipated 56 percent suggesting some positions will be permanently remote moving forward.

Further, 48 percent are operating in more than two locations. Organizations with many geographically dispersed networks often require encrypted connectivity between offices to facilitate secure remote access to digital resources over wide area networks.

The typical solution uses manually configured individual VPN tunnels to connect offices, but this can become time consuming and complex to configure as the network grows and locations are added.

With Command Center, Untangle’s centralized cloud-based management platform, MSPs and their customers can connect devices automatically via WireGuard VPN in different locations to build a network. Command Center allows administrators to connect remote offices together quickly and to monitor and manage the entire network to ensure all locations are connected and protected.

Command Center is free to use for customers with Untangle NG Firewall Complete subscriptions and/or Untangle SD-WAN Routers with paid subscriptions.