uCloudlink Partners with AIR-U to Launch HyperConn Product in Japan

UCLOUDLINK GROUP INC. (uCloudlink), a leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, has partnered with AIR-U to bring its HyperConn solution to Japan, with the new ATab-1 CLOUD Air-WiFi Tablet. uCloudlink’s solution will play an integral role in Japan’s business transformation as the nation shifts demand from inbound travel to domestic telework opportunities, such as remote work and online learning.

The ATab-1 comes equipped with uCloudlink’s HyperConn and CloudSIM technology. It also boasts a 10.1-inch FHD display, 8-megapixel in-camera and 2-megapixel out camera. The tablet’s release follows uCloudlink’s virtual launch at MWC Barcelona on June 30 — making it the first business case and application of HyperConn in the Japanese market.

Powered by uCloudlink’s technologies, ATab-1 users can connect to the best mobile and fixed-line broadband network in Japan, as well as in other countries and regions overseas.

ATab-1 was designed to meet the needs of the student market, including those in universities and vocational schools, who had to switch to distance learning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Without reliable internet access at home, students often need to rely on a mobile data connection to join classes. CloudSIM technology gives these users the freedom and flexibility to access mobile broadband services from any provider in the country without the need to be locked into contracts.

At the same time, uCloudlink’s HyperConn solution leverages AI to determine the most effective network coverage for learners based on their location, internet usage and performance of all broadband networks available.

Beyond COVID-19, uCloudlink’s solutions also support Japan’s younger generation as the country moves to technology-enabled education. Elementary and junior high schools are increasingly distributing tablets to students for in-class learning; however, most of these students are connected to Wi-Fi during school hours.

Furthermore, when it comes to using the tablet device at home, some households may not have access to a reliable internet connection, which creates an unfair learning environment. As tablet-based learning continues to rise, Japan is seeing a surge in demand for simple mobile connectivity services that integrate data communication and devices, such as uCloudlink’s HyperConn solution and CloudSIM technology.

With unlimited access to a range of mobile broadband networks and dynamic, seamless switching among networks, uCloudlink enables students to remain connected anytime, anywhere without the need to search for a Wi-Fi signal or buy additional SIM cards.

In cases of weak indoor penetration or unstable Wi-Fi coverage, uCloudlink enables ATab-1 to switch to mobile broadband, ensuring users uninterrupted access to vital information while distance learning.