Torii Procurement Solution Speeds SaaS Contract Renewals

Torii, the creator of an automated SaaS management platform (SMP), has launched Torii for Procurement. With powerful SaaS discovery capabilities at its core, this solution provides a complete, real-time view of all cloud applications, redundancies, usage, costs, and contracts in a dedicated procurement experience. Torii for Procurement pinpoints unforeseen cost-saving opportunities, enables continuous spend management and makes it easy to procure and renew the right applications at the best price.

“Everyone is looking to cut costs, but most companies drastically overspend on cloud applications without realizing it. When it comes to renewals and continuous spend management, procurement teams are at a huge disadvantage. The information they need to make smart decisions is scattered across the company in a variety of systems. Even if procurement knows where to look, they don’t have the time,” said Uri Haramati, CEO of Torii. “Torii for Procurement automatically gathers relevant data in a single location and surfaces the insights needed to make fully informed decisions. Not only can Procurement save substantially more money faster without any effort, but they do it in a way that aligns with their company’s business objectives and employees’ needs.”

In today’s decentralized workplace, SaaS management is a team sport. Torii strengthens the collaboration between Procurement and IT. Torii’s distributed SaaS management approach enables everyone to work from a single source of truth and to share critical information and responsibilities.

Torii’s end-to-end solution for SaaS spend management delivers:

  • Dedicated Procurement Experience – Procurement teams see exactly – and only – the data they need to make informed decisions, in one central location. They gain insights needed to influence strategic sourcing, enable continuous spend management, and effectively collaborate with IT, while improving business agility.
  • Reliable, Complete Picture – Torii’s real-time endpoint discovery and easy integration with hundreds of apps – including ERP, contract management software, accounting, and expense tools – ensure customers always have a complete, reliable view of all their SaaS apps including Shadow IT, as well as cost, potential savings, usage, trends, license, contract, and renewal data.
  • Automated App Comparison – Torii proactively surfaces applications with duplicate functionality side-by-side, along with usage trends and costs to identify ways to reduce redundancy without eliminating valuable applications.
  • Recommendation Engine – Torii immediately identifies cost-saving opportunities with actionable recommendations such as downgrading licenses based on under-utilization and reharvesting inactive licenses, instead of purchasing new ones.
  • Dynamic, Automated Renewal Process – Triggers and early notifications ensure businesses aren’t caught unawares by renewals, have time to evaluate all options, and don’t overspend on unnecessary licenses and applications.

For more information about Torii for Procurement, check out the solution page and read this blog.

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