Tenable Introduces Nessus Expert with External Attack Surface Management

Tenable, announces today the addition of Nessus Expert to its portfolio of vulnerability assessment solutions, giving security consultants, pen testers and security practitioners extended external capabilities and expanded visibility into cloud-native environments.

External assets and cloud configurations represent two of the biggest cyber risks facing organizations. Most enterprises lack good accounting of their external footprint, which is exploitable by cybercriminals and other threat actors. External attack surface management (EASM) removes blind spots with capabilities such as discovery, attribution and change detection monitoring of all external assets across the enterprise.

At the same time, while organizations leverage public clouds, they deploy cloud security solutions too late in their development cycle. The best way to gain maximum advantage from the cloud is for organizations to begin with infrastructure as code (IAC) security, catching misconfigurations and software vulnerabilities before anything is ever deployed.

Building on the Nessus brand’s reputation as a recognized and widely deployed vulnerability assessment solution, Nessus Expert addresses these pain points. Nessus Expert applies a smarter and simplified approach to DevSecOps, enabling users to gain an understanding of an organization’s external attack surface that could be exposed to threat actors and to assess infrastructure as code (IaC) for vulnerabilities before runtime.

Following the integrations of Bit Discovery and Terrascan technologies earlier this year, Nessus Expert is equipped with external attack surface discovery and IaC security analysis, providing pen testers, consultants, SMBs and developers a competitive edge with expanded risk assessment capabilities.

Tenable CTO Glen Pendley said, “Nessus Expert delivers modern vulnerability assessment capabilities that cover everything from internal and external assets to code and cloud configurations before anything is ever deployed. This is a game-changer for both assessing DevSecOps and infrastructure security.”

Nessus Expert offers these features in addition to everything in Nessus Professional:

  • External Attack Surface Discovery – to discover internet-facing assets in domains and subdomains associated with an organization
  • Infrastructure as Code Scanning – to establish guardrails in automated GitOps and CI/CD processes that ensure secure deployments with minimal effort with up to 500 pre-built policies.