Tech Firm Sells Largest Campus, Embraces Remote Approach

Onshore Outsourcing has signed an agreement with the Macon R1 School District (in Macon, Mo.) to purchase Onshore’s campus on North Missouri Street.

Onshore Outsourcing donated $860,000 to the school district to make the purchase possible, as the Macon R1 District did not have the funding to cover the building’s appraised value.

“This is a great opportunity for us to let the community benefit from this campus. If we return to a hybrid work schedule in the future, we’ll have enough office space available to house our Macon staff on their in-office days,” said Dan Nixon, COO of Onshore Outsourcing.

Like many others in the technology industry, Onshore transitioned to a remote workforce model to protect its employees during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Through the pandemic, Onshore re-imagined its training and workforce management programs for a remote-first environment, allowing it to expand its  mission to small towns across 27 states without the challenges of establishing physical offices.

Remote work, especially in the IT sector, has been on the rise in recent years and expected for the long term as more companies embrace the benefits and flexibility remote work offers to their employees. Through its unique mission, Onshore trains and educates employees in rural areas, often from a background in customer service, manufacturing or agriculture, creating rewarding and sustainable IT careers in their hometowns.

Onshore employees benefit from remote work more than most technology professionals in larger cities who often have better access to childcare and other services. Additionally, working from home improves the local economy by enabling residents to stay within their community.