TeamViewer Remote Connectivity, AR Solutions Available in Microsoft Azure

TeamViewer, a provider of remote connectivity and workplace digitalization solutions, announced Microsoft customers can purchase its enterprise remote connectivity suite, TeamViewer Tensor, and its enterprise Augmented Reality (AR) platform, TeamViewer Frontline, through Microsoft Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource.

This gives companies an additional channel to buy TeamViewer solutions with existing Microsoft billing procedures.

Customers can go to Microsoft AppSource or Azure Marketplace and browse a variety of apps that have passed Microsoft’s security and compatibility testing. Here, one can also find TeamViewer solutions and buy them within a few clicks. This process can simplify procurement of TeamViewer solutions for Microsoft customers. They can buy TeamViewer Tensor or Frontline and apply 100 percent of the purchase towards their Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) to add more value to Microsoft investments.

TeamViewer integrates into various leading Microsoft solutions: TeamViewer’s remote access, control and support capabilities are integrated into Microsoft Intune, Teams and Dynamics 365, Azure is used for single-sign-on into TeamViewer solutions and TeamViewer Frontline runs on Microsoft HoloLens.

You can find TeamViewer in Microsoft AppSource here and Azure Marketplace here. For more information about TeamViewer’s remote access, control and support solutions, go here, and to learn about TeamViewer Frontline, go here.